About Us

The Phronesis Group advises clients in diverse industries on business strategy to improve performance, create cost-savings, recover from economic distress, leverage technology and stimulate growth. We partner with our clients to deliver sustainable and measurable results by providing greater clarity to vital business decisions. By developing innovative strategies that create tangible value, our clients are properly equipped with the tools they need to make practical business decisions with greater clarity. We help companies become more capable to excel at their core competencies. We align ourselves with our clients to identify their maximum value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and ultimately transform their business performance.

Our customized yet practical approach combines deep insight into the inner workings of companies and their unique markets with tight collaboration with all stakeholders from all levels of an organization. Our precision and thoroughness, as well as our willingness not to accept preconceived business assumptions, ensures that our clients achieve competitive advantages which secure lasting results. Because we respect and value our clients' areas of deep expertise, we quickly gain an insider’s perspective on a business and to customize solutions that are simply practical, appropriate and relevant.

  • Conduct analytics for effective and exceptional strategic advice and decisions
  • Facilitate transformations as hands on managers of change
  • Impart solutions to make things happen as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality or performance results
  • Assess cost structures and drivers for optimization and renegotiation of supplier contracts
  • Invigorate companies to perform in a way that far exceeds expectations

The Phronesis Group is a management consulting firm and not a CPA firm, and does not provide attest services, audits or other engagements in accordance with the AICPA’s Statements on Auditing Standards.


We proactively help our clients BE profitable and successful like never before. We provide targeted solutions and guidance that are practical, feasible and manageable. Our relentless expectation is that our clients must not only survive but THRIVE.

Raison d’etre

We exist to challenge our clients to achieve and exercise the following:

  • Eudaimonia: Human flourishing
  • Phronesis: Practical wisdom
  • Arête: Virtue, excellence


We strive to ensure that our business fingerprints leave this world in much better condition than the way we found it:

  • Create renewed enthusiasm, vigor and hope
  • Convert an impossible dream into a daily reality
  • Get our clients to the position of first place at “their” unique finish lines


We place the following ahead of mere monetary gains:

  • Develop and nurture enduring client relationships as their trusted advisors
  • Create unparalleled advantages in the marketplace for our clients
  • Avoid insomnia because we stand on a solid foundation of integrity

Jamie H. Kim

Jamie H Kim Portrait

Jamie H. Kim launched The Phronesis Group in 2011 to address a greater need for executing practical wisdom in key areas of entrepreneurial growth; whereby companies must thrive, not just survive. Her business career jumpstarted after early gradation from New York University’s Stern School of Business where she focused on Accounting and International Business. As a Senior Auditor at a Big Six public accounting firm in Metro-New York, her ability to quickly grasp a client’s business and understand major transactions was pivotal in assessing needed areas of improvement and reform. Additionally, her career path consisted of experiences in various disciplines which included accounting/finance, consulting and manufacturing operations. Due to the breath and scope of her varied background, she is able to share insights on best practices from a wide array of industries.

During the past eight years, she has excelled as a commercial real estate broker at two of the leading global commercial real estate firms (CB Richard Ellis, Inc. and Cushman & Wakefield). Her success led to the creation of her own boutique firm in 2009, where she specialized in Tenant/Buyer Representation and cost reduction services.

In 2012, she launched TPG Commercial (a division of The Phronesis Group), where she continues to help clients ensure their commercial real estate supports their strategic vision and goals.

Throughout her career, Jamie Kim has consistently embodied the role of a trusted advisor.


Larry Betton

Larry Betton joined The Phronesis Group in 2011 with a unique background in telecommunications and information technology. His abilities to deeply understand a client’s needs and led to successful consulting engagements with mid-tier business enterprises. As a successful project manager, Larry managed projects of varied size and scope in the commercial real estate, entertainment and not-for-profit industries. His ability to drive timely results (under budget), makes him a key addition to our team in serving our clients to achieve maximum cost savings and achieve improved performance.


Tina Keller

Tina Keller joined The Phronesis Group in 2011 with a unique background in accounting, finance and banking. She also has specialized in entertainment accounting and contract review and analysis. Unlike traditional accountants, she has proven strengths in instinctively sensing opportunities for improvement and change on both granular as well as macro levels. She has also served her community by active involvement with not-for-profit and charitable entities with a focus on fundraising. Tina's success as a business professional, consultant, and advocate is the result of her deep concern for the needs of others, Some may say “the devil is in the details”, but her intimate knowledge of details, enables her to sense and develop solutions that are unseen to most. In her spare time, she is an effective dog broker, finding loving homes for the unwanted, and is actively involved in fundraising for not-for-profit and charitable organizations.